Meet the ‘Beaute’


I’m Naomi, a sophomore college student from the west coast. I’m currently a journalism and marketing major pursuing a career in the fashion industry. At the moment I hold an internship position at Rent the Runway as their campus representative for social media. Follow me on this journey as I post about things happening in my life and my passion- all things fashion and beauty. Enjoy xox


The start of this site was originally created for me.. I wanted to see if I enjoyed doing what I wanted to become in the future and that is three things: fashion, writing, and marketing. So here you have it, a website featuring beauty, fashion, and to give it a little ‘touch’ of me: my life- ranging from college experiences to my travels..

“The Blissful Beaute,” beaute meaning beauty in French, means a lot to me. It reminds me of what this site and what I am as a person is- enjoying the beauties in life and all it’s bliss.