Acceptance, Life Changes & New Goals

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it fearlessly.” ~ Steve Maraboli

Since the start of my college career, I believe that was when I exactly began to truly begin my quest of finding out who I am and what I’m meant to be for the rest of my life. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but this whole experience has been true to that statement and it wasn’t until I started my summer courses was when I became serious for this journey I’m starting to finally set foot on.

See, all my life I’ve been the kind of person who saw things as black and white. Having the opportunity to receive my higher education at a University was truly a blessing. For the past three years, I’ve learned to become more independent, to be more accepting, and expanding my interests into different career paths.

Like I said, it was this particular summer that gave me a jolt of motivation to get myself together and start focusing on my future; more specifically this was all due to my J350 class that I’m currently enrolled in for the next four weeks. I’ll be the first to admit that I am a motivated, headstrong person when it comes to my passions, however at times, and sadly for the past year, my motivation has died down and I’ve been putting my dreams on hold. But now, my box has been opened and I’m ready to get back on my feet and start focusing on my career.

Anyways, the point of this blog was to 1) admit to myself that I have been slacking in motivation and 2) I’ve become inspired to get things done and to shape them the way I want them to be. Yesterday in class my professor asked the class to answer 5 questions in regards to what we see ourselves doing in the future. This was the uh-oh moment I felt when it came time to write down my response.

Ever since I was set on the SOJC school I’ve been confident with what I wanted to do in the future- be a part and work in the fashion industry. However, though that is still true to this day, I’ve expanded that interest to design/lifestyle, if that makes sense. Another pause moment I had was what specific field I wanted to be my ultimate profession or job title. At this time, I’m still a little puzzled and intimidated to figure out exactly what that is, but I’ve made it my goal that by next week, after have talked to faculty/advisors in the PR and AD majors, that I will have my final career goal set and ready to achieve.

Anyways, I wanted to get that off my chest and to update you all on my current college life. I feel like whenever I write about that sort of stuff on here, it becomes a number priority (that sounds awful, but it’s true) on my list of things to do, since, well, this is all now public.

If you’re wondering why such a late blog post, I’m currently in the mist of finishing my first J350 assignment- resumé building! I can’t wait to get feedback on this baby and be able to open up Photoshop and make it creative and my own.

The next college post will be more updates, a possible final decision on my major, and more rants of my interests. Until next time, I hope you all have a safe and wonderful sunny weekend! And hopefully, I’ll have my website running officially. For now I’ll leave you with this-

Thanks for the wait!




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