New month, new goals, new blog


Hello hello my beautes! I don’t really know how to begin this post but to apologize for my serious lack of postings on this blog for the past few months; spring term was crazy and now that summer term is here I finally have some free time on my hands to get this thing rolling on a legitimate routine..

~  ~  ~

A year since the launch of this blog, I’ve noticed how scattered my postings/topics are and have now realized that it’s time for a change and with that, I’ve figure out exactly how, what, and where exactly that I want this blog to take me in the future. Product reviews and all of that are nice however in such a time span I’ve learned that that is not really me or all that there is to who I am but rather, I have been forcing myself to create such posts which could be the better reason as to why I stopped caring for this website as much- because I had no motivation or interest to keep writing about the same thing over and over…

Therefore, now that I’ve gotten the time to step back from this blog and really think about the future, I’ve decided to make my focus truly about my life and my experiences and, on certain occasions- posts relating to beauty and etc. All in all, I really want this blog, my blog, to focus on me and what I’m truly passionate about and strive to become in the future.

So, with that said: the official relaunch of my new blog will be done by the end of this week hopefully! Until then, let me know what you think in the comments, I’d love to hear feedback! And also, as of now, everything seen on my blog, until the relaunch, is only temporary (in fact, I may just disable my website for this week to revamp the page- just an early warning!). Thanks for the support everyone!




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