$t@te 0f [xx] M!nd

I’m needing a little inspiration and my mind is already drifting off into Spring Break mode, yikes. But I have to right to be, kind of. Spring time is my favorite time. Not only is it the season that features my birthday, but this time of the year is just all perfect to me. The weather, the clothing, the people, and the vibes especially- I love it all. Speaking of drifting off, I’ve found a new and up-in-coming artist that I’m obsessed with at the moment.Take a listen while scrolling through these posts; it’s a straight up chiller. Welcome to [xx] current state of mind.

But yeah no, three more weeks left of this term and Spring here I come! So time to buckle down and get my shit down. Home stretch, lets go. Speaking of Spring Break, by the way, I’m kinda excited to see Spring Breakers…. Anybody else with me on this or what?



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