Fisheye at FunRiver

In addition to being a blog about fashion and beauty, I also like to talk about my life and fun events and things that occur within it. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited by one of my favorite fraternities on campus (hehe) to Sunriver! Mind you it was my first time here so I was a bit in awe compared to everyone else… But nonetheless I had the time of my life and I wish to be back a.s.a.p! Delta Sig you gentleman rocked my weekend and I thank you for all the memories that I’m doing my best to remember (sorry for party rocking?) and being able to create lasting friendships from this . As always, I will conclude this short post with some photos of my weekend trip down to “Funriver” in FishEye effect! Woooo, enjoy! 🙂

Wish I took more photos, but these will do.. I can’t wait to go back sometime soon in the near future! Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a good start of the week!



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