Rihanna x River Island

After she took over London’s Fashion Week by STORM with her grand reveal of her collaboration with River Island, you KNOW I had to put in my two cents on it! Now I will say that after reading the opinions of it on other blogs, I was a little bit worried of what the line would look like. But I’m happy to say that I’m probably one of twenty people who actually ADORES the clothes she designed! Sure, there are a few misses, and the material of the clothing could look a little better, but the designs themselves are very RIH and very grunge-chic: which is what I’ve been diggin’ this season. Take a look at the clothes yourselves; what do you guys think? Future purchase or no?

CLICK HERE to check out the RIH x RIVER ISLAND website.

Oh, and speaking of celebrities in collaboration with designers, Kylie and Kendall also released their clothing line with PacSun two weeks ago and I must say I’m actually really disappointed with the looks! Yes, there are a few tops I like here and there, but overall the line was such a disappointment to me.. Oy. Hopefully they’ll create more looks- especially ones that are inspired by what they wear on the daily. Ah.

PPS- Happy Birthday to my girl RihRih!



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