KaBAM! My favorite leading ladies

If today was Wednesday and we were on Twitter, this here folks would be my list of #womancrushwednesday, without a doubt. Pow! But don’t just listen to me; check out these bad b*tches grazing the covers of my favorite magazines this month: (Click on the images to head over to their cover article)

Miss Beyonce, aka the queen of the world, is back and BADDER than ever. I’m actually dying right now.

I don’t understand why people dislike her so much, but I love this chick! Landing her first cover on Cosmo, girlfriend is looking fierce and gives absolutely no fxxks.

The bad girl herself looking so BOMB in her second Rolling Stones cover. Hi Rih Rih, can we switch faces?

Last, but not least, Miss Cara, my latest model obsession made her first Vogue Britain debut! Congrats girlie and no doubt girlfriend looks fantastic.

So, which March magazine do you think you’ll be coping this month? For me, definitely all four! How great do my girls look in each of these? Boooomb.




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