The Abolition Project

People like to ask me why I enjoy staying so busy all the time and the reason being are because of my love for new experiences and storytelling. I’m the kind of person that enjoys being out and about rather than stay in- I like visiting new places, meetings new people, and trying new things out. That’s just who I am. If someone were to ask me what I did this week, I wouldn’t want my response to be like every other person: “Oh, you know, I got drunk, the usual.” I don’t live for the ordinary. Instead, my response would be like “Oh, you know, I worked on a fashion show that helped raised awareness and money to help stop of human trafficking, no big deal.”

And that, my friends, is exactly what I did this week. Throughout my life, I’ve participated in a good amount of fashion shows but none quite like the Abolition Project. The thing that sets this show apart from others is that 100% of the proceeds collected goes to Hope Ranch Ministries, a local ministry committed to providing a home to those rescued from sex trafficking. Backtrack to my readers: this isn’t the first time I’ve been involved with the issue of sex trafficking. In high school as a senior project I created a petition to pass a law that would help stop the ever-growing issue of sex trafficking in Portland, the number one city known for this illegal “business”, that’s why I wanted to be involved with the Abolition Project- it mixed my love for the arts, fashion, and helping others- ESPECIALLY on the issue of illegal trafficking.

That isn’t the only thing so great about the Abolition Project, however. The cool thing about it was that everyone who “volunteered” themselves were not just “volunteers” but also co-creators to the show. Each of us were able to put our own spin and creative ideas into creating this amazing show that ran for two separate nights, each night featuring different designers, performers, and art pieces.

Out of the 200+ volunteers involved in this show, my specific role/involvement for the show was PR and background work (i.e. makeup artist). Now I’ve done social media and advertising work for other projects/companies in the past, but the Abolition Project was something definitely bigger and different for me. It wasn’t until now (aside from my internship with RTR) that I realized how important vocal and technological communication are nowadays.. And from this learning experience, I’d like to thank Andrew for this amazing opportunity and hope to be able to work with him and this project again in the future! He’s such a down-to-earth and hard working guy- I can definitely see him going so far with his work (seriously, he’s worked at NY’s Fashion Week, how cool is that?).

Though I was only there for one night, I’d have to say it was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while and all the hard work and time that was put into it was worth it. There’s not much I can say about this but just to boast about how amazing it was to work with so many talented people and share the experience I had with my next project.

But enough about me, here are some photos I got (during my few minutes of down time) from the first show and during dress rehearsal! Enjoy!

For those who didn’t go to the show but would like to donate or check out Andrew’s up-incoming line here are some helpful links:

Abolition Project | @APFashionShow | Insta: AbolitionProject

Coalition for Justice

Give A Cause

Hope Ranch Ministries

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be thankful for everything you have for you are far better off than most people in this world at this very moment, remember that. Cherish the people you have in your life and go out and do good for others- go make someone’s day today.




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