Realizations, My Passion, and Daily Inspirations

We all were born with a purpose in life.. Except some realizations come earlier than others. For me, I have always been face to face with my passions, I just never had the chance to experience it’s full potential until I got older..

Ever since I was child, I always said to myself that I would either become famous or a doctor- sounds realistic enough right? Once I entered the realm before the real world, college, I was hit hard by reality and the fact that what I thought was my “dream” of becoming a doctor was actually only temporary “thing” set in my mind. Like most people, I panicked. I came to the conclusion that I have nothing else to offer to the world and would work in a cubical for the rest of my life (my worst fear). However, it wasn’t until I enrolled in my first Journalism class and set foot on that stage at the beginning of the year in front of hundreds of people that I realized that I had found my calling, my  true passion.

All throughout my life, before the pseudo “dreams” of becoming a doctor I had been performing on stage in front of people- whether it’d be a school play, choir, or dance competitions. It was in those moments that I was the most happiest and carefree. You’re probably confused at where I’m going with this.. But I realized that what I want to do when I get older, as a “career” for the rest of my life is either a journalist or PR/marketing in the fashion industry. The lights, the cameras, the beautiful people and the mess that goes on backstage at each of these shows are what gets me going. Today, I set foot on that stage once again and felt “alive” as weird as that sounds (AN: read up on my next post about a current project I’m working on/about to finish!).

You’re now probably wondering what the whole point of this post is. Well, there are plenty. One, even though you come into college (or any new experience, really) with a set-goal in mind, don’t be afraid to be open-minded. Having this in mind will open you up to a new world, and heck, maybe even help you find what your true passion is. This means taking up any chances or opportunities that come your way that may possess some interest towards you. Go out and experience life before you have to settle down. Remember that what you do now will affect who you are and what happens in the future. Be proactive, ask questions, take risks.

I’m learning all about this (my major and new opportunities)x day by day and I’m loving it. I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t, but i don’t want to think about that. Right now I’m focused on me and my future and nobody can stop me..

And with that, I leave you guys with some photos that inspired me and will hopefully do the same for you.. We’re at the home stretch here folks, three more days (two for me, actually ha) until Thanksgiving break! Happy week 9 everyone!




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