My Apologies & Updates!

I can’t believe it really has been almost a month since I’ve been on this page and what a crazy month it has been! Since the start of my Sophomore year (yikes) I’ve been trying to adjust to several changes that have been happening in my life. So I apologize for not being able to write on here but don’t fret! Once this term is over (in less than three weeks!) I’ll be back to my normal postings on this blog and will continue to do so once Winter term starts.

Follow up/update post about each event is to be made very soon! I can’t wait to tell you all about upcoming events/projects/companies I’m working with right now! AH! But enough with my chit-chat, here are some fun photos of my whereabouts since October 15.. My oh my has it been one crazy and hectic ride I’ll tell you that..

Fall had officially arrived in the middle of October, which meant that I was FINALLY able to whip out these babies- my very first rainboots might I add! Of course, they would be Burberry’s..

Speaking of Fall Fashion, here’s a favorite beauty trend of mine this season.. Dark, bold lips! This is one of the classic dark red lipsticks from Chanel- I’m obsessed!

Aww. Alpha Phi hosted our annual Barn Dance, a favorite of mine. Here I am with my favorite girl, Meggers! Hehe.

Oh, and again with my date! 🙂

Every year in my sorority, our whole chapter has a specific thing we want everyone to wear on Halloween. This year was MINIONS from Despicable Me!

I was a Tiger again this year (I know, I’m very original.. I was a Princess too for the next night- of course). Here I am with my favorite girl Angie and Jen on Halloweekend!

Keepin it classy for Election Day with a little bit of champagne with my favorite amigos.

Easily a favorite moment of mine this year at my sorority- BIG LITTLE REVEAL! I was blessed to have two little ones, yay! Love you girls and I’m so happy that I’m your big!!

Last, but not least, our final family photo! We’ve expanded this year and now I have a twin (love you Jen!). Welcome to the Class Acts ladies! You’re in for a fun four years :-*

OH and lastly, if you haven’t already: sign up for Rent the Runway! If you didn’t know I’m this year’s campus rep/intern for them and I LOVE it (a following post is tba). CLICK HERE and after “LIKE” our Facebook page (ESPECIALLY if you go to my University!) for updates on contests and discount codes to use for your rentals (hey, the holiday season is pretty much here, think about it!).

Have a great rest of the week and if I can’t find time to update now until the end of this term- Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe everyone!




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