Busy Busy Bee, Busy Me, Busy Life of an Alpha Phi

For me, yesterday was the mark of my first 30 days back in the good’ol college town and so far, what a ride it has been. From recruitment to first day of classes, never-ending online assignments to midterms week (ek!), I have been a very busy bee and sadly, this schedule won’t be stopping anytime soon. Though I’m one of those crazy people who enjoy having such a full planner of things to do, I must say that I’m ready for a detox asap and since I have no time for sleep, blogging is what helps me release all the worries and troubles I have running throughout my mind- so here it is 🙂

Though I should be studying for my midterm #2 of this week, le francais, I thought I’d just take a break from all the studying and create a visual post of a few of my whereabouts from this past month! Most of it’s just sorority stuff (heh, TSM?), but whatever. So in that case, let me officially welcome you all to the  FAB like of an ALPHA PHI! Happy Monday everyone and enjoy! ❤❤❤

Recruitment Day 1: Open House Day!

Last Recruitment Day: Preference Night! Throwin’ up our Phi bears 😉


Another Bid Day photo- the new Phi Babies are homeee!

Bid Day! Waiting on our new members! Shoutout to Megs, my bestie, literally love her to the moon and back.

First football game of the season for me! Yaaay #scoducks

First night out with my girl Ang in the middle! Seriously so glad I met her last year! Too pumped to finally reunite with my baayy Michaela soon!!

On top of school work and greek life, I’m also balancing an internship through Rent the Runway! So excited for big things to come with this company!

Our recent five-way social function! Rock of Ages

Love you ladies! AOE and good luck with exams this week!

Ps. Isn’t my title soo clever. Heh 😉

Pps. There aren’t as many photos uploaded on here cause hey, when you’re having fun when do you have time to stop and take pictures- seriously. ANNDDDD I dunno if they’re appro. to post. Whoops. But if I do happen to run across some fantastic photos, I’ll be sure to upload them on this post or create a new one! Weeeee.




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