College Talk: First Week of School!

It’s that wonderful time of year again- back to school! It’s already been three days and my schedule has been packed and will continue to be until the end of recruitment, yikes. I’ve been sick for the past week and luckily I’m getting over it and I’m becoming more peppier and happier as the days go by. 🙂 But nonetheless, I’m having a blast settling into my new home and creating new friendships on and off campus!

To start things off in this post, lets talk about my classes! I’m taking a total of 15 credits this fall term and I’m slowly getting used to the fact that I don’t live 2 minutes away from my classes and managing an online class, ah! This term I have French (oulala), Economics, Human Phys, and Journalism. Not so hard classes and even though it’s only day three, I’m loving each and everyone of these courses- ESPECIALLY French, oui!

So as mentioned I’m in a sorority, no surprise there.. Recruitment starts today and I’m mixed with emotions. For one, I’m happy, of course, I get to talk to all these new girls and create friendships from there… But I’m sad, though cause PC’15 won’t be the “Baby Phis” anymore, boo 😦 It’s alright though, I’ve always wanted a “lil sis” and having a new, fresh batch of girls welcomed into our chapter is exciting!! Open house will run for three days, followed by philanthropy day, tour day, preference night, and finally- bid day!!

Man oh man do I remember the days (ha, last year) when I went through this whole process.. It was so cool to go through such a process that finally  led me to this wonderful chapter in our Greek community, epp! And I can’t wait to pass on this title to PC’16! Come bid day I’ll create a follow up post about the ladies we’ve
mutually selected to join the #APhiNation. *Hankies* aoeaoe<3

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been a year since I start college and here I am, living in, and a sophomore.. Damn. Well, enough of me here.. I just wanted to ramble about life and keep this website going.. I’ve been way too busy but like I’ve said in my past few posts I’ll try to get this page going as much as possible!

Gotta get back to school work now, have a great hump day everyone! And to all my Alpha Phi ladies- RUSH LIKE HELL!




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