Beauty Tip: Your Best Lashes Ever!

Iit never occurred to me until today after rummaging through Pinterest (my latest obsession- ha) and found a website of certain make up etiquettes every girl should know. Now I will say that I’ve heard of this simple “tip” months ago but I never really gave it a chance until today and I definitely regret not giving it a shot! Turn those creepy “spider lashes” into fuller and cleaner looking ones in three easy steps! And all you need is your mascara(s) and a paper towel or tissue:

1) Remove the wand from your mascara tube.

2) With the wand in hand, take out the “excess” mascara liquid from the brush with your paper towel or tissue.

3) Once the brush looks “clean,” apply the mascara over your lashes and viola! You have clump-less, clean, and natural looking lashes! Continue to follow these steps (if you wish to have a more dramatic look) after every dip in the mascara tube.

I absolutely adore the final look from this quick makeup tip; seriously they look AMAZING in person and up close! Of course, they’re not “perky” enough for me (hooray for asian lashes!) but that’s because I wasn’t using a waterproof-formula mascara and I went a little mascara crazy after trying out this tip.. Hence, my naturally long lashes don’t look as long as it does in the photo, heh.

If you’re wondering, my “go-to” mascaras at the moment/ the ones in the photo are Maybelline’s Volum Express and Maybelline’s Great Lash.

Good luck my beautiful readers!




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