Fall Trends!

If you know me, you know I absolutely loathe the cold weather. But being that I am living in the Pacific Northwest, I have to deal with it, complaints or not. I know it may sound a bit early to talk about this, but if you couldn’t already tell, many trendy stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Nordstroms, and so on are slowly taking down their Summer clothing items and putting up their Fall 2012 collections!

As I said, I’m not a big fan of the chilly weather, however I will admit that Fall/Autumn is a season I lowkey enjoy (minus the rain of course). The reason being is because I LOVE layering my clothes and as great as the hot weather is, being restricted to only wearing shorts and a tank top everyday is really killing my style, that’s why this year I can’t WAIT until the breezy winds show up in my college town (without the rain though, PLEASE).

Another reason for this post is school is just around the corner, or for some, already here, so what better way to get you guys pumped and ready for the fall season?! Here we go:

1. Animal Prints.

For some reason this print is making it’s way back into our closets this season, but it makes sense. Fall is typically associated with ambers, oranges, and other dark hues or this season, “oxblood red”. Animal prints on the other hand consists of these colors like the spots of leopard, etc. Plus, what better way to accessorize with a grey oversized sweater than a statement animal print shoes? Oh, but animal isn’t the only print making a scene in stores, on the runway, to add a little kick to our closets- “global” print is what it’s called and it’s exactly like it’s name- taking inspirations from out of the country .

2. Oversizing.

Speaking of oversized and sweaters, my favorite fashion piece in the fall is an oversized sweater! Not only are they comfortable but also versatile. Layer it up with a scarf, a denim or leather jacket, or a vest and to amp it up, accessorize with a chunky jewelry, big or small belt, or glam it heels/tone it down with sneakers! As for the bottom you can pair it up with denim skinnies or leggings (yes, I AM one of those girls.. sue me).

3. Sequins.

It’s a no brainer and even transitions perfectly into the Winter season. Plus it adds a bit of “kick” into the dreary fall season colors.

4. Flannel, flannel, flannel!

This has always been a big trend in the fall and this “hunter” style has been showing up a lot in this year’s New York runway for fall trends. Similar to the oversized sweater, this style is both versatile and comfortable! The “hunter” look consists of flannels, chunky jackets, beanies, biker boots, and rain boots.

5. Military.

Okay, I’ll admit that I’ve never been big on this look but it’s showing up quite a bit in this year’s NY runway.. Many of the colors range from army green to navy blue (ha! i’m so clever) and as for the clothes these can be pea coats, military-style jackets, pencil skirts, and hiker boots.

6. Leather.

Alright, I gotta say that I’m definitely one of these people that when I find a jacket that I adore.. I start wearing it a LOT, no kidding. And judging by the title of course, you guessed it, the classic leather jacket was my thing last fall. I just love how warm and comfortable they are and how GREAT it coordinates with most outfits- whether you’re going casual with denim or hitting the town in a dress, you can’t go wrong with leather. This isn’t restricted to the jacket- leather can be seen in, the obvious, boots, heels, bags, and  leggings!

This is only a collection of a few of the styles I love/noticed that was big on the fashion runway this season. For a better look for inspiration check out Harper’s Bazaar slideshow of what was presented in New York 2012 Fashion Week for Fall!

Which look will you be rocking? Which Fall piece do you wear the most? Comment with your thoughts below! Happy Thursday 😉




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