Latest Obsession: Corals

Okay, fine I lied. There isn’t much “coral” to this obsession, but I’ve noticed some sort of trend happening! Here are just a few products I’ve been in awe over for the past few weeks (two of which aren’t pictured).

1. Essie’s Van D’Go. My very first Essie nail polish (I know, kill me!) and of course I’d be obsessed. Literally after stalking Kim K’s instagram, I ran into a photo of her and her cute pumps and noticed her toes were painted the most chic and simple pastel coral color ever. And I knew right then that I had to find something similar and viola, here it is, Essie’s Van D’Go. A perfect mixture of pastel and coral that can be worn as a statement piece to your outfit or casual spring/summer days!

2. Viviani watch. Alright this isn’t coral- but it’s close. Just a bit more on the pinky side than orange, oh well! My Viviani watch. I recently ran into this little gem while out at Kohl’s for an annual sale and after noticing the price (heeeellllo under $5!) and how cute/trendy it looked I knew it was meant to be. In fact, I picked up a black and white as well! These watches are so cute, so affordable, and make a GREAT addition to your arm candy. Ugh, I’m in love.

3. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed. This type of coral isn’t your “average” coral, but it is indeed that with a bit of rosey-pink, heheh. Seriously, I never thought I’d look this good with a blush on, but boy was I proven wrong! Literally right after Sephora’s makeup artist applied this on my high Asian cheekbones (meep) I never wanted to stop looking at myself in the mirror! It’s such a subtle, yet beautiful color, especially for all my tan ladies! At $25 a piece, I just had to say no or I’d be hitting that $100+ mark in one shopping trip- no bueno. But no worries! I will definitely be back to pick up my baby before school comes around!

4. Justin Bieber’s Believe album. Alright, judge me. But have a listen to his new album and I swear you’ll fall in love with at least one, or in my case the whole tracklist. And yes, the whole coral thing? I guess we can just say it’s because his album has some sort of orange tint to it which makes this count, ha! If you ever see me ridin’ through the street, this album is definitely the one that’s been put on FULL blast, intense bass and all. Thug life.

And that’s it for now! What color have you all been crazy about? Let me know in the comments below! Hope you all had a good Monday!




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