Celebspiration: Lady G’s “LV” Locks

Alright, I literally just saw this E! News segment pop up on my screen and I knew I just HAD to make a post about it! So I’m not the biggest fan of Lady Gaga, though I will admit I was a little Monster back in my high school days.. Ha. But, moving on to my point:

Recently, Lady G has just been spotted out in public sporting the most chic, simple, and dare I say, normal hairstyle I have ever seen her rock. She calls it “Louis Vuitton Brown” and I call it my latest hairspiration! The look is exactly how she describes it, the roots of her hair starts of a very light brown and transitions into brown with little highlights of blonde and orange (or at least the top photo makes it looks like) & and of course, being that she is Gaga, she finishes the look off with a strip of bleach blonde.

Next month I plan on having my stylist color my hair a lighter brown (the dark brown I have at the moment isn’t brown enough for me, heh) and these photos of Lady G is definitely what I’m handing over to her! Love love love! Oh and have a look at her outfit, I love that as well. Ugh Lady Gaga, please stay this way. I might reconsider being a fan again. Muah.




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