Finding YOUR Perfect Dress

Going to an event and need a dress? Or just wanna help out a fellow intern? Then sign up for Rent the Runway! It’s quick, easy, and all it takes is 10 seconds of your time! By being a member you’ll gain exclusive access to designer and off-the-runway dresses, jewelry, handbags, and more for all occasions at affordable prices! What could be better? Just use my referral link for a free sign up (& $50 off your first rental!) and you’re set! Happy shopping my fashionistas!

Here are some preview photos of some of the chic dresses you’ll find on the website! Trust me when I say that you WON’T be regretting signing up for RTR! To those who are just signing up to help me get this internship, I thank you and of course, if the site doesn’t meet your needs/etc. then unsubscribe from the newsletters! xox, Have a great Thursday!


One response to “Finding YOUR Perfect Dress

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