Popular Trend: Hippie Headbands


There’s just something so innocent and youthful about this look that I love… Hippie headbands first started out in the 1970’s and is making a come back in 2012. These styles range from your average linked flowers to a tied scarf and they are the perfect summer time accessory for any look!

Quick tip: Be sure to find a headband that isn’t too tight around your head.. And like most popular trends, just because it’s “trendy” it does not mean that everyone will look good with it.

Easy DIY:

  • Method #1: Your own hair! Create a middle part and grab a chunk of hair from each side and braid them separately. Once finished with the braid use a bobby pin to clip it back to create a “headband look” in front. PHOTO
  • Method #2: Use mother nature. Like what most of us did during our childhood days, gather a good amount of small, flowers from the ground and link them together. PHOTO

IN MY CLOSET: White crocheted, black chain, and light brown braid.


One response to “Popular Trend: Hippie Headbands

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