Summer Style: Natural Beauty


There’s a thing about Summer that I just love- how natural things are. It’s like walking to the beach and suddenly your hair gets wavy or jumping into a pool with no makeup on; I just love it. Of course that can be an issue for all my ladies (including myself) who has to touch-up once in a while (or daily, I’m not judging!). However, as hot as the summer time is, we can’t always cake on makeup cause eventually it’ll melt off your face (yum!).

I’m gonna admit I’m not super “perfect” without makeup- that’s why I use it.. But being as summer is I have to modify what I put on my face (does that even make sense?). So here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned to have that fresh faced look but still being able to “enhance” it..

{ It’s summer time so before applying anything on your skin don’t forget the sunscreen!}

1. Tightline your eyes with black eyeliner. This is a simple trick that enhances your eyes dramatically- trust me!

2. Line the top of your lids and smudge out the outer corners for a natural, “smokey” effect.

3. Curl your lashes (if needed) and put on a coat or two of mascara (remember we’re going for that “natural” look so don’t over due this step!).

4. Conceal any dark circles or pimples (feel free to powder over this if you have oily skin) or put on a tinted moisturizer if you have uneven skin.

5. Apply blush for a natural look and/or bronzer for a natural glow/ slight contour.

6. Optional: with a light grey/brown shadow, fill in your brows if needed. 

7. Optional: apply lip balm or a peachy/natural lipstick color

And wa-la! You’re done.


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